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 Guide to Creative Writing

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Guide to Creative Writing Empty
PostSubject: Re: Guide to Creative Writing   Guide to Creative Writing EmptyWed Aug 14, 2013 4:40 pm

Guide To Creative Writing
By: Evil_Person

Version 1.1.0
This guide is subject to change.


Always keep your stories original, if it's not original the readers may think its stupid and just not read it. In regards to fan fiction, originality can be bent around with say locations and characters, but the story line should be moderately different to avoid plagiarism. Remember to always credit the original creator(s) of characters and locations in your story.

What is and what is not creative writing.

I'll say it now, a wall of text, while may yes be creative writing, Is NOT creative writing. Creative writing is taking a prompt/idea of some sort, either your own, or someone else's and turning it into something readable and decent. Creative writing is for the most part fiction, it can be realistic fiction, but general creative writing is not non-fiction.

Mary Sue's and Marty Stu's, what they are and how to avoid them.

A Mary Sue/Marty Stu is a generally overpowered character. If a character can defeat any problem without even having to lift a finger, they are overpowered and generally a Mary Sue, however, if the character is suppose to be that way, well there had better be a damn good reason. There always has to be some sort of challenge for the character, be it internal, or external if they don't have a challenge and they are the main character, then most likely they are a Mary Sue. Characters have to have problems, maybe not major faults, but issues that cause them to need improvement or give room for character development; Their problems won't have an easy answer, or if it does it won't be easy to find for that specific character.

Conveying thoughts, feelings, and emotions with BBcode and HTML

As you may have noticed the forum supports BBcode and HTML. most of the bbcode can be accessed via the post editing/creation box in the bar at the top. With this code at your disposal, you can use bold and Make a forceful or shouting statement, Or convey internal thoughts and struggle using italics to guide your way. And size can be a good tool to use if you want to convey whispering and hesitation or Shouting and general loudness. Don't hesitate to use colours to make something like murder more dramatic.

(This guide is incomplete and is subject to change.)

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Guide to Creative Writing
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