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 T_T Surgery T_T

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PostSubject: T_T Surgery T_T   Tue Jul 23, 2013 4:36 am

As some of you may know, most will not I have an issue with my nose, I have had this issue since I was born. The doctor said need to wait till I'm done growing to do anything about it. I never had too much troubles with it just some issues breathing and an increase in the amount of head-rushes I have, however as of late it has gotten pretty bad, I can just barely breath through my nose on good days, and I have a head-rush every time I stand up (sometimes leads to chain head-rushes) and has prevented me from doing a lot of things. So now that I'm 16 and have for the most part stopped growing I went to see the doctor. He told me I had a SEVER case of a deviated septum, in other words my nasal passage is crooked in all kinds of ways. So my mom has done some calls and made the appointments and I will have the surgery on Friday the second of August.

This means that for up to 8 weeks after I will be in recovery, during said period I have no idea how much I will feel like playing Minecraft, the first 2 weeks are said to be the worst, I can almost guarantee that I will not be on at all those first 2 weeks

To all of you religious people prayer is welcomed, to those of you who are not religious, wish me luck. Unless you just don't care to do either, in which case don't XD

In summation, I need nose surgery to breathe, on Friday 2nd in August, and I will not be on MC much in the period after, wish me luck, or pray

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T_T Surgery T_T
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