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PostSubject: Refer a Friend!   Refer a Friend! EmptyTue Dec 08, 2015 3:00 am

Refer a friend to halcyon, if they become a regular I will personally award you with a free coupon book thing! It could range from a custom World Edit (Say a floating sky island? A custom mountain? A valley? The perfect island in the ocean to build on? A flat surface to build redstone on?) Or free enchanted items! Perhaps you don't want a physical reward in game, I hear what you're saying. How does a one level promotion sound? Players to whatever the next level up is in their ranks! (Pending Miko approves the rank one)

Or maybe you're new to the server, you brought your friends after deciding you liked it, starting out? No problem! If you and your friends become regulars I can give you some starting tools to help you out, need some seeds? Maybe some food or a bed? Some chests and a set of stone or iron tools? Or maybe you want to go more modest, I hear that one too, Want a simple dirt house? You got it! A stack of torches? Maybe you brought a group of friends and are starting a village, how does a beacon sound? (Pending you bring 4 or more friend for the beacon one since its solid blocks of diamond, gold, and iron) The more friends the bigger the beacon! The awards could be limitless!

Disclaimer: We retain the right to refuse reward to those who brought people on that were already previous regulars or got themselves banned. All restrictions apply and you can not redeem this if you currently now or have ever been a Chinese spam bot or try to sell UGG Boots and fake Rolex Watches. This reward can only be claimed once based on which reward(s) are available at the time. Availability of rewards are subject to change and revoking of rewards may also occur if they are abused.

Hope to see you on the server!

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Refer a Friend!
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