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 GreenLolly10 Rank Application.

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GreenLolly10 Rank Application. Empty
PostSubject: GreenLolly10 Rank Application.   GreenLolly10 Rank Application. EmptySun May 04, 2014 10:00 am

Basic Information

IGN: GreenLolly10
Current Rank: Recruit
Rank Applying For: Initiate
Current Block Edits (Overworld only, may include nether and end edits SEPARATE from overworld edits): 26124
When did you start on Halcyon?
Less than a week ago

Builds: Home, bridge.

Have you built your home? Yes
What is your greatest build? ....Home :3
Do you have a grinder, xp farm, or item farm? Grinder (shared with mikey9556)

More Information

Why do you think you deserve the rank up?
I have been active nearly everyday and I feel that I can offer good builds and help with new Recruits in the future.
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Your Style : Landscaper
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GreenLolly10 Rank Application. Empty
PostSubject: Re: GreenLolly10 Rank Application.   GreenLolly10 Rank Application. EmptySun May 04, 2014 1:23 pm

Accepted, I will rank you in like an hour when I get on.

You will have two new kits:

/kit stools
/kit dyepacks

As well as already having:
/kit starter
/kit noobfood

You can now also have stargates, I'll explain those ingame next time I see you.

Φ ▼ Accept some 808 kick snares into your life ▼ Φ
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GreenLolly10 Rank Application.
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