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 New "Dome" Area/Mini Game

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New "Dome" Area/Mini Game Empty
PostSubject: New "Dome" Area/Mini Game   New "Dome" Area/Mini Game EmptyWed Apr 16, 2014 4:04 pm

So as some of you may be aware already myself and some members of staff have been working on a medieval type area on the far reaches of the map that will soon have a glass dome over it.

Why? Because it's going to be an in server mini game of course! Well Kinda...

The idea is a bit complex so I'll just go into some basic details here. How many of you want to do a town that actually works like it would in real life, where everyone has a job, gets payed for it, and uses that payment to advance their life in the town? Some of you might some of you might not, but for those of you who do, This is the town for you!

This town will be separate from the actual PVE area, meaning when you enter the dome your inventory will be cleared, same as for when you exit the dome, we wont have a transfer of items between the two areas.

Inside the dome I am working on trying to make it so its an 'adventure' like experience, where you have to pay someone to build your house using the gold you've been payed, (Gold ingots and such are currency.) You have to pay for food, or if you don't have a job you beg, kinda an irl experience of the middle ages.

It's uncertain as to weather or not PVP will be on in this zone but I want it to be so we can have things like bank robberies and even police that chase criminals.

The town would have laws and such that everyone inside it would have to abide by such as build permits and all of that. You would be allowed to furnish your home but not actually build in it unless you have a permit or something like that. Right now this is all in the base development, we aren't entirely sure of the final product.

That said I would like to incorporate a 1.8 feature into this, a feature so people inside (save for people with build permits or something) Have adventure mode, and they can only mine with special tools that have a flag on them allowing pics to mine things like ores and stone while axes can only log and such. But I am uncertain, at this point it seems like a lot of work to make that a viable mechanic so we will probably rely on the people inside the dome to follow the rules.

I must stress that participation in this is a PRIVILEGE.  This privilege can be revoked if you do not follow the base rules. (I don't mean the town laws, i mean the rules of being inside the dome which will be different.)

Failure to follow rules (Which will be posted later.) Will result in a termination of the privilege.

And on top of that, I am thinking of making it so you have to apply to be in the region or you have to be a certain rank first before entrance is granted to avoid people who would destroy the entire game for everyone.

I also want to say once you die you must start over in the dome, but that's up for debate, however it would keep realism.

Anyway to make this post not drag on for too long, I want to know what you the people have to think about this, maybe sharing ideas and such. We need all of the ideas we can get so get to it. Smile

Edit*: I must stress that this would be partially a roleplay environment, meaning while yes it's like normal minecraft, we expect you to act as such. (That means no laptops inside your home in the dome! Sorry!)

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New "Dome" Area/Mini Game
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