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 Contest #2

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Contest #2 Empty
PostSubject: Contest #2   Contest #2 EmptyMon Dec 23, 2013 11:32 am

**** CONTEST #2 ****

Starts: December 30th
Ends: February 28th

The "I <3 Halcyon" Contest

Have something or someone you love at Halcyon? Well, here's your chance to show it off with pixel art and a signed book poetry piece.

Poetry Book Rules:
1. Must be between 3 and infinity lines long. If it is in 3 lines, it has to be in Haiku format.
2. Must have the word "Halcyon" at least once.
3. Must be about LOVE.

Pixel Art Rules:
1. Your own materials (sorry, it saves from abuse).
2. Must be within your regioned area at the contest arena.
3. Must be about your Halcyon Love, ie representing who/what you love.

Prizes for 1st Place Winner:
Your pixel art and book on display on Winner's Isle.
And some great custom items!

Have fun and ask Miko_Rei_Hino about getting your plot today!

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Contest #2
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