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 Forum Service Announcement #3

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PostSubject: Forum Service Announcement #3   Forum Service Announcement #3 EmptySun Jul 28, 2013 1:48 am

With several awesome things happening around the server let me fill you in on some of the happenings both on and off of the forum.

Dynamic Map
Which can be located here: http://halcyonminecraft.no-ip.org:8123/
It's a dynamic map that allows you to see what's going on on the server, even chat with people on the server from the internet without minecraft access. Be weary though, if the computer you are logging into dynamap from has not accessed the server with that IP it will show your IP to everyone in the chat instead of your username. And yes you can be banned from it, so don't abuse it.

Forum Messages Update
This was a forumotion update which I am currently looking into reversing since the last style of forum messaging was better, now we have some new text box thing and it's very laggy.

Some of you may have noticed the rank "Server Moderator" this is for people who are moderator's on the server but not moderator's on the forum, they DO still have moderation abilities as far as being able to punish you for bad behavior so don't think they won't, they just simply don't have access to the same permissions as before, they still hold the same level of authority as forum mods still.

Appeals Section
Which can be found here: http://halcyon-minecraft.forumotion.com/f17-appeals
This is where you would go to post ban appeals if you are given the chance. Generally denied appeals stay up for 72 hours before being deleted/moved so the person has time to see it before being forum banned. Alternatively approved appeals get deleted after 72 hours and you can freely log back onto the server under watch until we deem you safe to be not watched.

Forum Skin
The forum skin is kinda shit, let's all admit it. However, we just learned that our newest Moderator, Miko, is apparently good with photoshop, and I hope to bring her on to make some things for the forum, so with any luck, expect some new forum skin things.

That is all for this forum update, expect more news soon!

Forum Service Announcement #3 F516Insbutton

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Forum Service Announcement #3
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